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Executive Committee

Our club leadership is happy to welcome you, get to know us!

President - Michael Heller

Vice Presidents:

Bruce Feld

Heidi Schwartz

Daniel Johnson

Corresponding Secretary – Ivan Nedds

Recording Secretary – Betsey Knapp

Treasurer – Robin Weinstein

District Leader

Randi Martos

Eric Dinowitz​​

State Committee Members

Bill Weitz

Helen Morik

Committee Members At-Large

Steve Balicer has been a

member of the Ben Franklin Club for 15 years, spending 10 of those years as a member on the Executive Committee. As a former staff for Councilman Oliver Koppell, Steve has helped countless residents of the Northwest Bronx. He has also been an active petitioner and campaigner.

Ira Bigeleisen has been a member since 2015, and before that served as a clergyman. Upon his retirement, he immediately became an active member of the Club, serving as phone bank captain, petitioner, and active executive committee member. He has also done outreach to local organizations to successfully engaged them in the activities of the club, including many members of NW Bronx Indivisible.

Delores Dixon has been a member of the Executive Committee for many years. As a former member of New World Singers quartet, she toured with SNCC and sang with Martin Luther King Jr. Delores was on staff of Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited (HARYOU) which seeks to expand educational and employment opportunities to black youth in Harlem. She is also a retired teacher.

Paul Ellis has been a member of the club since 2009 and has had numerous leadership positions in and out of the club. He has served as Vice President of the club and currently serves on its executive committee. He also serves on Community Board 8 since 2012, and is the former chair of the Housing Committee and a former Vice Chair. He is on the Board of the NYS Dormitory Authority and is managing partner of the Paul Ellis Law Group.

Morgan Evers is actively engaged in our community, and is involved in the PS 24 Parent’s Association and the Riverdale Temple. She spent many weeknights campaigning and making phone calls for State Senate candidates Biaggi, Skoufis and Kaplan, and Congressional candidates Delgado and Brindisi. Her goal is to elect representatives with big hearts and strong moral consciences.

Ellen Feld has been a member of the Club for 40 years, and has served in numerous leadership positions, including serving as President four separate times. She is a former staff member of US Senate and DNC. Outside of her activism, she is a real Estate broker, and President of Bronx Manhattan North Association of Realtors. Ellen has lived 52 years in Riverdale.

Mitzie Finley is an active club member and petitioner. She is a retired accountant with the Finance Office of the City Department of Social Services, and is a former Chair of DC 37’s screening board for electing candidates.

Brendan Fitzpatrick serves as a Community Liaison for Assemblyman Dinowitz, with a focus on housing and quality of life issues. He is an active advocate for tenants and constituents. As a campaigner, he lead street teams for petitioning in local elections, and participated in numerous phone banks.

Michael Friedman is a longtime club member and member of the executive committee. He has served as a NYC Public School teacher since 1979, and UFT union representative for 25 years. He is proud of the club’s promotion of progressive union issues, and wants to continue to work for those values.

Jerald Kreppel is a longtime club member and member of the executive committee. He works as a lawyer specializing in real estate litigation. He serves On the Board of the Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Van Cortlandt Development Corporation, and is a former member of Bronx Community Board 8.

Helen Krim has served as executive committee member and Recording Secretary for many years. She contributes to numerous progressive organizations, including The Women’s March Alliance, NW Bronx Indivisible, League of Women Voters, and Physicians for National Healthcare Program. She is committed to the big tent Democratic Party, and has advocated tirelessly for women’s rights and universal healthcare.

Sylvia Lask has been an active member of the Club for 30 years. She served as the State Committee woman from the 82nd and currently serves as a Vice Chair of the Bronx Democratic Party. She is on Board of Jacobi Hospital and was a key person in getting Mental Health Education in the high school curriculum.

Andrew Mutnick has resided in Riverdale for 25 years. He is a pediatrician with 15 years of clinical practice and medical education.

Eleanor Oliff has been a member of the club for 25 years, with 20 of those years on executive committee. Eleanor is an outstanding collector of petition signatures and will continue to make sure our club slate is strongly supported.

Dan Padernacht has been a member of club 9 years, and has served several of those years on the Executive Committee. He has served on Community Board 8 for 10 years, with 3 years as its chair. He ran against Pedro Espada for State Senate, but withdrew to support Gustavo Rivera.

Aaron Stayman has resided in Riverdale foe 3 years. He was active in the Biaggi campaign and volunteered as neighborhood team leader. Professionally, he works in technology and will use technology to help the club grow. His goal is to elect a Democratic President.